PRP for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Los Angeles O Shot Specialist, Alija Ali, D.O. is certified to provide the O-Shot® (Orgasm Shot®), a new Orgasm shot for women.

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy has been found to be successful in treating sexual dysfunction in women. Female Sexual Dysfunction involves persistent, recurrent problems with sexual response or desire. This condition can occur at any stage of life and may include more than one type of dysfunction, such as low sexual desire, sexual arousal disorder, sexual pain disorder, or orgasmic disorder.

Current treatments for Female Sexual Dysfunction include psychological, behavioral, and hormonal interventions, as well as psychoactive drug therapy. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is currently being utilized as an alternative therapy option that would offer a natural and safe therapeutic option for treating female sexual dysfunction.

Because PRP is a natural treatment that works by using elements derived from your own body, it is a natural and safe protocol that offers patients in Whittier CA and the Los Angeles County area effective programs that can overcome sexual issues that other doctors are unable to treat.

The Orgasm Shot® can help treat the following:

  • Decreased Libido
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Vaginal Dryness (and painful intercourse)
  • Orgasm Issues
  • Lichen Sclerosus
  • Chronic Pain from Child Birth Trauma
  • Chronic Pain from Mesh
  • Chronic Interstitial Cystitis

PRP for Women’s Sexual Health

The PRP Orgasm Shot® is a technique used to repair and regenerate tissues. A small sample of blood is withdrawn from the patient and spun in a centrifuge to separate the blood into layers and to isolate the platelet rich plasma. The platelet-rich plasma layer is carefully extracted, then injected back into the patient at several areas including G spot, clitoris and vaginal walls. The PRP provides a concentration of growth factors directly to the site, allowing the body to accelerate its natural healing and tissue regeneration process. This promotes rejuvenation and increased sensation of female sexual organs.

Results have included improved intensity and frequency of orgasms, heightened sensitivity, vaginal tightening, improved look and feel of tissues, improves incontinence, increases arousal and overall sexual satisfaction for women of all ages.

The Orgasm Shot® procedure is a very specific method of using blood-derived growth factors to rejuvenate the vagina to help relieve women with urinary incontinence and sex problems. Only doctors certified to do the procedure, like Dr. Ali, have the training and experience to provide treatment for effective and successful results.

Los Angeles O Shot Specialist, Alija Ali, D.O. offers FREE Consultations and will help you decide if the O Shot is the right choice and best treatment for your body’s specific needs.

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